Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

What style do you teach?
The KwanMuZenDoKai’s background is Northern Chinese Chuan Fa and Korean Kwan Bop, otherwise known as Kung Fu. From China we trace our roots to Okinawa to Japan and then to Korea again.

What is your ratio of kicking and punching?

When an individual enters the martial arts, they come with the body and mind they were born with. To say that all people must kick or punch exactly the same is to say that all people have the same thought process and same body types.
Through correct stretching, strengthening and training, an individual will achieve their natural level of ability. For those whose bodies and minds are prone to kicking; they will kick and vice versa. Not all people have the musculature system that will enable high kicks as not all have the support system that will permit the sustaining of a powerful body punch.


At what age will you accept students?
Generally we begin with age 4 in the Dragon Warriors program, however age does not tend to be the issue; rather, it becomes a question of social maturity. We will do an assessment of each child and then make a determination of the program they are ready for.

How old is too old?
Many people confuse the martial arts with sports and athleticism. Certainly, sport karate has its aspect of athleticism; yet even that moderates according to the level that one is seeking to achieve.

The traditional martial arts have attributes of physical, mental, spiritual (if you will) and health benefits.

There are many different approaches to the martial arts. We have children, adolescents, young adult, mature and senior martial arts. These are levels that we all move through in our lives and these are the same levels we ascend in the martial arts as well. We have students as young as 4 and mature as the late 70’s.


Do you grapple?
The KwanMuZenDoKai is a multi-dimensional martial arts discipline. We engage in striking with kicks and punches, throws and takedowns, ground work with submissions and weapons. We do not have emphasis in any one of these areas. We are a true “mixed martial arts” school.


How long do I have to train to become a black belt?
Statistics show that only 1 out of 800 people that take up the martial arts achieve the status of “black belt.”  That being said, with continued, uninterrupted training and proper focus / desire, one can achieve the rank of black belt in as quickly as 3 years. However, a successful black belt will realize that it is about the journey – not the destination.