The salubrious benefits and effects of Tai Chi Chuan, or "Supreme Ultimate Fist", are many due to its characteristic features namely:

1. The exercise requires a high degree of concentration with the mind free from distractions.

2. The movements are slow and uninterrupted like a flowing stream.

3. The breathing is natural, sometimes involving abdominal respiration, and is performed in rhythmic harmony with body movements.

From the viewpoint of sports medicine, these characteristics are important factors contributing to the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The high degree of concentration required in Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) also benefits the function of the central nervous system.  [Simplified Taijiquan, China Sports Editorial Board, 1980, Beijing, China].

In this class students will train the nine principles of Tai Chi Chuan, beginning movements at first singly, then tying them together.  From here he/she will move into subset forms and eventually "the form."

This is then applied through partner training and developing a sense of "feel."